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Mini Love Heart Wax Melts - Calm Blend

Mini Love Heart Wax Melts - Calm Blend

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Mini Hearts Eco Wax Melts are made with PURE Essential OilsEco Soy wax and will leave your home beautifully scented with the aroma of Calm blend.

FUN FACT- there is ZERO synthetic fragrance oils or hidden chemicals in these little honeycomb pods! 

The aroma is floral, soft warm.

It is designed to help soothe the soul, and gently take you to a place of peace and relaxation where you can escape from the busy world around you.

This gentle blend is infused with Lavender to nurture and care, Bergamot to ease any tense emotions and Copaiba to calm and support the nervous system.


Reduce feelings of tension

Promotes relaxation and sleep

Naturally purifies the air 

Natural Room Fragrance


6 Mini Love Heart melts in Biodegradable wrap